Tami is an eloquent writer and speaker with a dash of humor that makes things interesting! She is true to her beliefs, passionate about her causes and provides down to earth practical advice.

Nanci S.


Tami Spoke to e-Women Network McKinney Chapter and it was a heart-felt, uplifting, message. I recommend Tami to speak for any organization!

Denise H
heart-felt, uplifting, message

What I learned from Tami VanHoy during nine years as an independent consultant has developed me personally and professional, more than any of my years working for a top Fortune 100 company!

Her ability to call others to action through her humble transparency is what built a 20 million dollar company! She is a refreshing blog writer and candid motivational speaker. She is a heart-centered coach, mentor and visionary!

She holds true to her values and mission, which is I’ve found is rare! Tami is true to herself and committed to helping others!

Amy S.
Leadership Development
heart-centered coach & mentor

I have known and worked with Tami for 10 years. She has an amazing gift to touch the hearts and minds of those around her and move them in a forward direction with integrity and passion by what she says and does.

Jacquie M.
Director of Training and Development
move them in a forward direction

Tami Van Hoy is an incredible business motivator with a talent for reaching out to groups of people with her inspiring public speaking talents, ability to communicate with her associates and savvy with communicating her ideas to her partners. She has given me the motivation to move on with my personal endeavors and has suggested strategies to help with reaching more customers and potential clients.

Tom G.

Executive Chef

move on with my personal endeavors

Tami VanHoy is a professional role model and an inspiration! When we worked together at the company she founded, she was the logical voice and moral compass for the staff and sales field. Her attention to detail and ability to document those details kept me and others on track.
I always soaked up her messages to the sales field. Her meaty, inspiring messages had everyone in the the room at the edge of their seats or on their feet. She balanced her star power with humility, and she deftly mixed words, music and visuals in her presentations. Tami VanHoy is a wise woman worth listening to.

Monica L.

a logical voice

Tami is a true visionary who writes from her extensive personal experience as a business founder/owner, mother of four and mentor to hundreds of independent consultants/business owners.

As a speaker, Tami is riveting, engaging, and a real crowd-pleaser appealing to audiences of all types … and she can bring the house down with a song!

Karen P.

Communications Manager


a true visionary