Spiced Molasses Cookies

This one is a family tradition! These cookies have all the flavors of the holidays - cinnamon, ginger, cloves - and are rolled in sugar before baking, so we only bake them at Christmas, but we look forward to them every year! While not necessary, dipping them in this recipe for Spiced Dip takes the … Continue reading Spiced Molasses Cookies

Fueling a Heart Fire with Forgiveness

Forgive the past so you can embrace the future. [aka - stop letting your past be the water that dampens your heart fire] Do you have experiences and events pinned in your memory that you keep wishing would have played out differently? I do! I wish I had made better decisions and avoided losing the … Continue reading Fueling a Heart Fire with Forgiveness

Sugar Cookies (3 ways)

This cookie recipe is so versatile you'll want to keep several packages of the basic mix in the pantry for quick and easy cookies that will taste like you spent hours baking. It starts with my family recipe for the perfect sugar cookies. These are the kind of sugar cookies that are plump and soft, … Continue reading Sugar Cookies (3 ways)

Taco Soup

I was inspired to create this favorite blend of seasonings when my family raved about a Taco Soup served at a church potluck one Sunday afternoon. After asking my friend for the recipe, I realized it was one that used so many packaged seasoning blends and canned goods that one recipe could feed an army.  … Continue reading Taco Soup