From My Heart to Yours

Did you read the part about how I love helping people learn to put out the hair fires so they can live with their heart on fire?

It’s very very true! It’s my heart fire!

That’s why one of my favorite things about having a website is being able to offer free resources that really do help! In this resource library you will find pdfs, audios, videos and more that I want you to have as my gift to you. [psst…if you don’t see one of these formats here…it’s because I’m working on it so come back soon and see what’s new!]

I have organized this resource library into two categories:

  1. Things to Feed Your Soul
    • This is all about fueling the heart fires!
  2. Things to put out the Hair Fires
    • This is all about getting focused and intentional

So take a look around and grab what speaks to your soul and sets your heart on fire.

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Download this printable guide to learn tips for having deeper conversations with God.
Download this tracker to help you develop healthy habits to feed your soul one day at a time.
Feed your soul with a dozen scriptures that nourish you with God’s joy. Download here.

Download this free assessment tool to gain a better awareness of what is interfering with growing stronger in your relationship with God
Download this free journaling guide to help you go deeper into conversations with God around scripture verses He wants to talk with you about.
Ready to grab a group of others seeking to draw closer to God and lead a group study through the book ‘Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul’? Grab the free leader guide here!

A FREE guide to help you define the priorities for this season of life so you can live focused and on fire!  Say yes to what matters most… TELL ME MORE
A FREE worksheet to help you clear out the overwhelming mind clutter & calendar to make room for the things that matter most… TELL ME MORE
Maintain focus with daily, weekly & monthly check points. Use this FREE self coaching guide to keep the fire out of your hair… TELL ME MORE