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For He satisfies the parched throat and fills the hungry appetite with what is good.

Psalm 107:9 AMP

How would you describe your conversations with God:

  • Something to check off on a list of daily things to do?
  • Something to engage in primarily when guidance is needed?
  • Something you crave so deeply your soul feels starved without daily or hourly chats?

As a family on the brink of bankruptcy, Tami and her husband went to prayer for a solution. God took them on a journey to build a multi-million-dollar national company. It ended when Tami found herself stripped of her business and at the same time, the future of her marriage was challenged. Losing her perceived value and worth and desperate for answers, Tami pulled up a chair to a “table for two” where she engaged in conversations with God and learned to find nourishment for her hungry soul and purpose for her life. In this book, Tami leads the reader to this “table for two” where life transformation takes place. She invites the reader into this place of intimacy with God, using “recipes” and insights from scripture to draw near.

This is more than a book.

  • It’s a study of the impact God can have on our lives when we pull up a chair and let Him get real and personal with us.
  • It’s a conversation guide that leads the reader into 4 levels of conversations at God’s table for two.

Each chapter in this book begins with a Recipe for the Meal of the Day (the featured verse) to feed your soul. Each chapter ends with a series of Conversation Exercises to bring us into a deeper, more meaningful connection with God. The book is divided into four sections, 13 chapters, and an appendix of worksheets you can use during and after your journey through this book.

FREE: Group Study Guide

This book is a great study tool for groups as well.

When we come to God’s table, it’s not just the nourishing meal of His Word that feeds our soul, it’s also the nurturing conversations with Him.

The power of those conversations is multiplied when we gather together and share how God is speaking to us and healing, nurturing or empowering us with His words.

After purchasing the book, download a FREE group study guide to help lead a group study either in person or on a virtual platform.

This book is also a great study tool for small groups. Each chapter includes:

You can download a FREE group leader guide in the resource library.
  • Questions to help you engage in a personal conversation with God.
  • Scripture to draw you into a journaled conversation with God.
  • Guided conversations to lead you into the heart of God.
  • Suggested questions and scripture to dig even deeper into scripture and God’s heart.

This book is for you if…

  • You’re ready to feel God’s presence in a deeper way.
  • Your ready to level up your prayers from just a list of expectations and requests to an intimate conversation with God.
  • You know scripture more than history and rules to follow and you want to start reading it as a living word for you from God in the right here and the right now.
  • You’ve been living life with a spritz of prayer and a splash of quick devotionals but your soul is parched and is crying out for an outpouring of all God has for you.
  • You love Jesus and love the idea of pulling up a chair at God’s table for two and settling in for some life changing conversations.

About the Author

Through her books, retreats, speaking and coaching, Tami VanHoy helps those who are ready to stop living with their hair on fire, chasing after purpose and validation, and instead learn to live each day with their heart on fire, shining for God just as He created them, for His glory.

  • As a sought-after speaker, she delivers customized messages to small groups, retreats, and large audiences.
  • As a God-centered Coach, she uses questions to hear the heart issues, scripture to guide to the answers, and a little velvet hammer to get results to help the client shine with a heart on fire.
  • As an author, she invites the reader to enter into her conversations with God where she shares the lessons learned through the ups and downs of life! Tami’s heart fire is transformation. More than writing, speaking and coaching, her greatest joy is seeing God’s transforming work in the lives of surrendered hearts

From the Author

This book was 10 years in the making. At first it was simply journaling several years of conversations on a journey of healing. Eventually I started posting some on blogs and social media…and I learned so many others struggled like me to find that connection with God that let me see my purpose, value and worth in HIs eyes as my creator.

I was inspired to put the journey into a book – but it would be a few more years before God said…now. It’s ready now. My publishing efforts were thwarted by challenges and fears year after year. I’d even declare to anyone listening ‘this is the year I publish the book’…only to find out my plans were not His plans.

In 2021, God put every publishing solution in my path and calmed every second-guessing fear in me. I wish I had a recording of the conversations I’ve had with those who have gone through this book with me and joined my study chat sessions. Each time I hear how this book has impacted someone’s life with healing conversations at God’s table for two, I praise God for His never ending faithfulness.

I’ll close with this…

I love to write and God gifted me with the skills to write. I remember one day I was sitting at the table with Him and expressing some frustrations about not being able to get the book published in the early years. His answer to me was this…”Tami. If I asked you to just write for Me, would that be enough? I love how you write to Me. Can that be enough?”

Of course I answered yes with tears flowing. It was a year later that He brought to me the publishing solutions I needed. And then came the marketing step. THIS is the step I dreaded the most. It was one thing to write a book where it was just me and God talking back and forth – but to put myself out there and ‘advertise’ the book. NOPE! But after a few conversations at His table, I realized this isn’t about promoting a book…it’s about getting this message of healing conversations into the hands of each person God desires to hear it.

So if you’re tired of eating the ‘junk food’ of fear, defeat, comparison, overwhelm, limited thinking, and all the things that dull your appetite for more of God – this book is for you. May you receive all of the joy God is pouring over you today!