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Are you living with your hair on fire or your heart?

This book is for those seeking more than a checklist Christian relationship with God. Everyday He’s prepared a meal at His table for two…let’s sit a minute and let Him nourish us!

“I tried to put out the hair fires with a spritz of prayer here or a splash of devotional there. But what I really needed was a full soaking of His wisdom, peace, and guidance.”

-Tami VanHoy
Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul.

Tami is an eloquent writer and speaker with a dash of humor that makes things interesting! She is true to her beliefs, passionate about her causes and provides down to earth practical advice. Nancy S. / conference attendee


Tami speaks from the place of one who has experienced deep pain and has walked through the healing with God. Her heart’s passion is for you to come to His table set just for you and engage in a conversation with the Lord that will fuel your heart’s fire to come back again and again. … Continue reading speaks from experience

speaks from experience

Don’t Let Me Stink It Up
Spreading the Fragrance of Christ: Leaving a Memorable Scent. Scents have a powerful impact, evoking memories and transporting us to different places. Just as scents leave a lasting impression, 2 Corinthians 2:14 invites us to consider the fragrance we leave behind in life.
Hair Fire or Heart Fire?
In a world where we’re constantly being bombarded with the question, “What’s your purpose? Have you discovered your purpose?”, our human nature is to jump into striving mode to find it and prove to the world we’re good at it. I call this ‘living with our hair on fire’. Hair fire living is when we’re …
Taco Soup
I was inspired to create this favorite blend of seasonings when my family raved about a Taco Soup served at a church potluck one Sunday afternoon. After asking my friend for the recipe, I realized it was one that used so many packaged seasoning blends and canned goods that one recipe could feed an army.  …