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I have known and worked with Tami for 10 years. She has an amazing gift to touch the hearts and minds of those around her and move them in a forward direction with integrity and passion by what she says and does. Jacquie M.

move them in a forward direction

Tami Van Hoy is an incredible business motivator with a talent for reaching out to groups of people with her inspiring public speaking talents, ability to communicate with her associates and savvy with communicating her ideas to her partners. She has given me the motivation to move on with my personal endeavors and has suggested … Continue reading move on with my personal endeavors

move on with my personal endeavors

A Table for Two
The dining table is where we gather to fellowship with family and form bonds over shared meals. Children learn what their parents stand for and hear their thoughts about what is right and wrong from the conversations shared around the dinner table. The family dinner table is where heart fires are formed and fed with validating …
My 5 Favorite Tips for Working at Home with Family
If you’re blessed to be working from home (and wondering where the blessing is because your hair is blazing on a regular basis), maybe a few of these tips I learned along the way will help!
Keep, Toss, Delegate, Save
Just as the home owners who are renovating have to remove the clutter to make room for what they want most, we need to remove everything that is cluttering our minds and sort them by what is serving us and what isn't.