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Through the expertise of Tami’s perfectly executed exercises, I discovered my personal roadblock which was not at all what I was expecting it to be. I was able to dig deep and found myself brutally honest with myself for perhaps the first time. I have a renewed spirit & purpose and a clear plan of … Continue reading renewed spirit and purpose

renewed spirit and purpose

Tami is an incredibly talented, natural coach. Her values-centered guidance challenged me to think beyond “the stories” I told myself with limiting beliefs. She has helped me to focus on my passion and strengths and see the truth of who I am. Her knowledge of the industry and her willingness to connect with me on … Continue reading amazing coach

amazing coach

Doubting Wisdom
When we feel like we're being tossed in the rough waters of life, doubt is trumping wisdom. An ice cube that floats on top of the water feels every tossing wave. Once it melts, it flows with the waters. Doubt keeps us from melting. Let's talk to our Creator about melting.
Purposeful or Persuadable?
Are you purposeful or persuadable? When we lack unshakable, prioritized focus, we are easily persuaded and veer off course. With focus, we find the ability to say yes on purpose and no without guilt.
It’s a Healthy Habit
We are in the 'habit' of declaring our intentions to develop better habits at the first of any year. What are you in the habit of feeing your soul?