corporate experience (1)

Tami grew a family business from kitchen table to corporate campus with over $20 million in sales with no outside funding.  As founder and owner, Tami was intimately involved in all aspects of the company while building an effective and efficient executive team that led the company to record growth year after year. She continues to lead company growth with other Direct Sales companies.

Tami’s business experience includes product development, field development, recruiting, training, marketing, sales campaigns, corporate conferences  (annual/leadership/regional) and corporate messaging.

     Corporate Leadership Experience: 

    • Leading strategic brainstorming sessions to identify and develop ‘next step’ strategies for business growth
    • Identifying key drivers and developing programs to increase company growth in these areas
    • Collaborating with executive team to simplify messaging for a stronger company focus
    • Collaborating with executive team to develop annual and quarterly strategic plans
    • Breaking down strategic plans into tactical steps
    • Working hands on with company team to deliver and fulfill tactical  plans
    • Developing incentive programs and support materials to increase field growth
    • Developing customer sales campaigns to increase sales volume

     Field Development/Training Experience:

    • Developing and delivering new consultant training, new director training and leadership training
    • Writing new consultant guides and leadership guides
    • Developing a home party script to drive increased sales and sponsoring
    • Collaborating with top field leaders to increase team sales and performance
    • Developing monthly meeting material
    • Designing and developing Starter Kits to produce strong field growth
    • Designing, writing and delivering field communications, manuals, flyers and other print materials
    • Developing field recognition programs

     Corporate Writer / Public Speaker Experience:

    • Writing keynote speeches and presenting them for annual conventions
    • Writing scripts for video and workshops
    • Delivering workshop training
    • Developing event agendas, content and scripts
    • Singing – trained and professional singer


life coaching experience


Tami was certified in 2017 through as a life & business coach, and has a lifetime of experience that elevates her ability to understand what it takes to sift through the excuses,  define that purposeful path and live it out – on purpose!


Life Experience:

  • Building a National Direct Sales company; growing it from her kitchen table and into a corporate campus with sales over $20 million annually.
  • Raising a family of 4 while she built her business
  • Overcoming loss and finding a new purposeful path
  • Coaching entrepreneurs, students and business executives for over 20 years

Decades of Coaching Experience Helping People Find:

  • purposeful answers
  • purposeful direction
  • purposeful solutions

See additional information on coaching here.


ministry experience


Tami has over 25 years of experience walking with others to find time to sit at His table. She is gifted at writing ‘pictures’ and telling stories that reflect the glory of God’s word and brings them to life for applicable ministry.  Her passion for writing is only exceeded by her passion for worship in song.

Tami was called away from a decade of singing in the entertainment industry to marry her husband of over 30 years and raise a family. In those 30+ years God has placed Tami in various choirs and worship teams where she pours out her love of God and joyfully celebrates the saving grace of Jesus.

Writing Experience:

  • Decades of writing devotional content, many of which are featured on her blog – Draw Near – On Purpose
  • Books in development include:
    • Feeding a Hungry Soul Series:
      • Feeding A Hungry Soul – A devotional guide to scripture that calls us to HIS table for daily nourishment
      • Feeding a Soul Hungry for Intimacy with God
      • Feeding a Soul Hungry for Deeper Faith
      • Feeding a Soul Hungry for Emotional Healing
      • Feeding a Soul Hungry for Stronger Relationship
    • Living ON Purpose WITH Purpose – Living our lives everyday with intention vs habit to accomplish the purpose He has for our lives

Speaking / Singing Experience:

  • Custom designed weekend retreats for women’s groups
    • Empowerment retreats
    • Goal setting retreats
    • Church group retreats
  • Keynote messages at conferences for a few to over a thousand in attendance

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