I grew up in Texas, so you’ll hear me say “ya’ll” often and “fixin’ to” about as much! I didn’t realize ‘fixin to’ was a foreign language until I was in my twenties and had started working abroad (aka – out of state)!

I’ve raised 4 amazing children (3 boys and a girl) and now I’m enjoying the ‘Nana’ life (current count at 6!)

And of course, walking with me every step of the way is a patient and empowering husband of 30 something years (don’t tell him I’m not real sure what the ‘something’ count is at this point!)

Along the way, I’ve lived with my hair on fire and my heart on fire and I can tell you that life is always better when my heart is on fire and my hair is not!

…and I’ve learned the signs of both…


  • You wake up most mornings excited to start a new day
  • Sometimes you lose track of time doing what you love
  • People notice how upbeat and energized you are
  • You’re clear about your life priorities and this empowers you to say yes to what’s important and no to everything else (without guilt!)
  • You are looking for ways to fuel the fire


  • You wake up most mornings exhausted, even after a good night’s rest
  • The days seem long and you feel like you’re getting no where
  • People might even comment that you seem a little stressed
  • You find yourself saying yes to everything others want you to do, leaving no time for what you want to do (and maybe no time to even figure out what you want to do)
  • You are looking for ways to put the fire out

I’ve also learned that when our heart is on fire, we shine! The world may still be chaotic and a little crazy, but the fire in our hearts shines through our eyes and fuels us to move into more of what life holds for us.