Conversations Group Study Guide

Lead a Group Study Through the Book:

Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul

When we come to God’s table, it’s not just the nourishing meal of His Word that feeds our soul, it’s also the nurturing conversations with Him.

The power of those conversations is multiplied when we gather together and share how God is speaking to us and healing, nurturing or empowering us with His words.

My prayer is that you will find joyful transformation with God one shared conversation at a time as you come together for 13 weeks of Conversation Chat Sessions.


  • The book has 13 chapters, but it’s suggested you have 14 chat sessions – using the first session to get to know each other AND review the help section for using the conversation exercises in the book
    • The guide includes tips for making this first chat session fun and informative.
  • This guide uses the flow of the conversation exercises featured in the book as the foundation for the group study chat topics AND includes suggested questions to open up and go deeper on chapter topics
  • Whether an in person group study or a virtual group that uses a video platform, this guide will support both formats.

Ready to gather together and have those conversations?

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Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul. 

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