Guided Conversations with God – Journal Page

This printable journaling page will help you turn scripture reading into daily personal conversations with God.

When we sit at the table with God, it’s a personal conversation. A conversation goes two ways. As we speak with God, He speaks with us.

In that conversation, God leads us to His words, written in scripture for all of eternity; promises made to all who come to Him. Here we find instruction, guidance and wisdom that speaks to us today and into eternity. It’s His truth that never changes.

As God leads you to specific scriptures, use this journaling document to help you slow down and consume His words with thoughtful meditation. Rewrite the verse(s) fed to you in a personal way and let God speak intimately into your life and heart. Engage with God as if He was writing His words for the first time in a letter addressed to you personally.

  • Use scripture to engage in a 2 way conversation with God.
  • Instructions on how to rewrite scripture into a personal proclamation.
  • Directions on how to rewrite scripture into a personalized exhortation from God.
  • Bring His word to life – applicable in current world conversations