A Table for Two

The dining table is where we gather to fellowship with family and form bonds over shared meals. Children learn what their parents stand for and hear their thoughts about what is right and wrong from the conversations shared around the dinner table. The family dinner table is where heart fires are formed and fed with validating conversations.

On this same note, God calls us to His table on a daily basis, desiring to strengthen us with nutritious food from His word, teach us right from wrong, and have bonding conversations that will bring us into an intimate relationship with Him.  In this, our heart fire is created, fueled and stoked.

Everyday God is sitting at the table, a table He has set just for you and me. He’s in His chair and our chair is pulled out, just waiting for us to come and sit down. The table is set with a unique meal created with us in mind. He knows exactly the kind of soul nourishment we need for this day and has prepared a meal to give us the gifts of His Spirit required for us to live, breath, walk and respond in His Spirit for His glory.

Everyday He sits and waits.

A reservation for two that never expires.

But the meal cannot be served until the entire party is seated.

How long will I keep my creator waiting?

When I’m tempted to skip a heart fire nourishing meal with God, this visualization helps me readjust my priorities. Yes…priorities. It’s never a matter of not enough time, it’s always a matter of how we choose to use the time we have. There’s always just enough time for the things we chose to say yes to. The rest we said no to by choice or default.

God is always calling us to His table. No one can force us to take that first bite. We must make the decision to sit down and partake of His nourishing words.  

Over the years, I’ve gone in and out of being consistent in honoring this reservation for two:

  • The young woman fresh out of high school – skipping invitations here and there with a quick ‘rsvp’, telling God in a quick prayer that I’d come sit with Him later in the day (but I didn’t). Eventually God used a life shattering event to call me back to that table!
  • The young mom overwhelmed by caring for a young family – gradually missing time with Him to make room for more time for chores and children. Eventually the weight of it all came crashing down on me and I ran to His table for relief and sustenance and found that my time was multiplied when I made this reservation my first priority.
  • The defeated wife, weary of fighting for a crumbling marriage – seeing my spouse thriving in disobedience decided to step away from the table, certain it didn’t make a difference. Eventually the lack of joy and overwhelming depression drove me back to His table seeking His love and acceptance.
  • The over worked business executive – feeling compelled to start my day earlier and earlier to keep up with the demands of a boss, letting time at His table become obsolete. Eventually the realization that no matter how many hours were poured into the job, they were never enough but time at the table restored a weary soul.

God never gives up on us.

Even as I let other priorities consume the time that was supposed to be spent with Him, He stayed at that table, day in and day out, year after year, preparing meals I never shared with Him. Today I regret missing those meals and can only imagine what my spiritual walk would be like if I had never stopped coming to the table. But I don’t live in the regret because my God is Jehova Rapha, the God who heals.

As soon as I grabbed hold of the hand of Jesus and let Him lead me back to His table; as soon as I began filling my soul with the meals God prepared for me daily; the healing began. Healing of regrets, healing wounds of my heart, healing broken relationships, and more; all provided for me as I consumed the meals prepared at this table for two. The healing took time, but it’s real and it’s offered to all who choose to come and sit. He is here now, with an invitation extended to join Him at His table for two.


Use these questions to chat with God. Let Him bring you into a closer relationship with Him.

  • How consistently do you meet with God at this table for two?
  • Are there times when you just show up to eat and run or possibly grab the meal to go while heading to the first appointment of the day?
  • Imagine the roles reversed and it’s God who says to you, “sorry…I can’t really linger and chat today…I’ve got more important or more urgent things to rush off to…I’ll catch you tomorrow.”
    • What thoughts or feeling does this stir up in you?
This is an excerpt from Tami’s book “Feeding a Hungry Soul – Conversations at a Table for Two”

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