Are You Ghosting Your New Year Goals? 5 Tips to Get Back on Track!

  • Did you create a vision board at the start of the year?
  • Did you set a goal to reach this year?
  • Did you set your focus on the things that set your heart on fire?

How’s it going?

Have the hair fires overcome the heart fire?

Yep! I get it. The heart fires are strong when we start out and then life.
Just life.

It’s not like we give up on the things that set our heart on fire. We just get pulled into all.the.things!!!

At this point we have 2 choices:
  1. Give up and tell ourselves it’s just not possible or meant to be.
  2. We reset and recalculate!

If #1 is your choice, no need to read further. BUT…before you go, ask yourself this one question…

Do I want things to be different/better or to stay the same?
If you want different or better – DON’T GIVE UP ON YOURSELF!!!

Sometimes we just need to reset things that got out of balance.
Sometimes we just need to recalculate the vision or goal.

5 Tips to Help Reset and Recalculate!


It’s the difference between “I’m gonna” and “I’m doing.”

  • I’m gonna [fill in the blank] says tells us we have time to do it later.
  • I’m doing [fill in the blank] requires us to set an action and a date with it.

CHALLENGE: Make a list of 10 things you will do in the next 30 days that will move you into action towards the goals you’ve set for yourself.


How much time are you committing daily or weekly to take the actions required to achieve your goals?

Looking at your action list from challenge #1 – determine when you will make time to do them.

CHALLENGE: Commit to taking specific actions for 30 days. Schedule the time to take the actions on your calendar like you would a Dr. appointment and then show up and watch things happen!


Keep reminding yourself what the actions will accomplish and imagine how you’ll feel when you reach your goal.

  • What will be better when you reach your goal?
  • How will your life be improved when you reach your goal?
  • How will reaching this goal impact the lives of those you love?

CHALLENGE: Put a visual of your goal where you get ready everyday. On that visual post these 3 sentences starters: 1) When I reach my goal [___] will be better. 2) When I reach my goal my life will be improved [___] 3) When I reach my goal the lives of those I love will be impacted [___]

EVERY SINGLE DAY…for the 30 days of challenge #2, read those 3 statements outloud, filling in the [___] with your answers.


Who in your life is ON YOUR SIDE?!

Tell people your goals and the actions you are taking towards them.
Tell them how you are prioritizing time for the actions required to reach them.
Tell them when you reach a goal or complete a series of actions.

Ask them to ask you how it’s going from time to time.
Ask them to ask you how you’ve prioritized time each week.
Ask them to celebrate the little steps with you.
[It can be as simple as a celebratory text with words or a fun gif!]

CHALLENGE: During your 30 day challenge from challenge #2, set a weekly or daily texting date with your ‘person’. Ask them to text you at the same time each week/day and ask you those 3 questions – and then answer them honestly!


Embrace the messy. Don’t let imperfection derail you. Just keep going!
Expect things to not go smoothly and be ready to reset and keep taking action.

When things don’t go as planned and get messy or hard, we have a choice.

  • Use it as an excuse we can point to and say ‘it’s not my fault I couldn’t reach my goal because this____________ happened.


  • Use it as a lesson we can grow from and take the next best step.

CHALLENGE: When the messy and the imperfect happen, journal how you overcame it. When you have your celebratory texting appointment from challenge #4 – celebrate yourself as an overcomer!

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