Come Sit Next to Me

“Come sit next to me.” That’s what I would say to my teenage and young adult children when they needed to calm down and talk through something. It’s what I would say when they were overwhelmed by a situation, or when their emotions were reeling out of control. I knew if I could get them to sit still and talk for a few minutes, things would be clearer, or decisions wouldn’t be so hard.

Just as I watched my children go through the process of reaching emotional break- down, I can see God watching us during the times we move further and further from His will, all the while calling, “Come sit with Me for a while.”

Or the times when we are so flustered with the pressures of life (or just the day), I can see Him saying, “Come here and sit with Me…let’s talk.”

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

James 4:8 ESV

Let’s come to His table for two and have a conversation…

A Personal Conversation

Use these questions to deepen your conversation with God. Journal the answers as you engage in a conversation with God over today’s meal. If you’re feeling distant from God, ask Him to show you what’s being used to make you feel like you cannot sit at the table with Him. Ask God to remind you of His truth about that “thing.”

  1. What situations or circumstances are you working through that might need a little extra time with God today?
  2. What plans are you making that need His guidance?
  3. What’s something you feel needs to be fixed or resolved and God seems to be ignoring? How can you see God working for His glory in that situation?
  4. What chaos or emotional anxiety could use a little more of His soul nourishing conversations?

A Journaled Conversation

Rewrite the featured verse (see above) as a conversation. Use your answers to the questions in the exercise “A Personal Conversation” to help craft your conversation and/or guide you to the conversation style that fits. NOTE: If you’re wrestling with a truth, the two-sided conversation may help you hear God’s answers.

Write it as a proclamation from you to God. Claim His truth as your truth. Use personalizing words like I, I will, I do, I am, I have…. Use words of gratitude, claiming His truth in your life.

Father - I draw near to you seeking all of the wisdom, guidance, healing and grace I need in this life. Thank You for meeting me where I am. Thank You for the gift of your presence. 


Write it as an exhortation from God to you. Where it makes sense, replace pronouns with your name, just as He would if He were writing these words to you in a letter.

[your name here], come here. Come sit next to Me and experience the joy of fellowship with Me. Let's talk. 


Write it as a conversation. Journal both sides of the conversation – you write your thoughts, then listen to what God says in response and write it. Consider using two pen colors (one for you and one for God). NOTE: This requires a meditative state. Give yourself a quiet place with time to listen at His table.


Lord God, I’ve been counting on You just being there all the time and not really taking time to sit with You and talk it out.

[your name], I’ve been watching and waiting for you, dear one. Let your heart rejoice as you seek Me and find strength in Me (Isaiah 40:28-29).

Oh God, it’s so good to be near to You (Psalm 73:28). I need to receive Your nourishing words of (...hope, encouragement, wisdom, strength...). I’m feeling ...lost, frustrated, angry, confused, sad, hurt, afraid.... (claim the words that you want to chat about with God).

[your name], I’m so glad you came to sit with Me and talk about this. I have what you need (Mark 11:24). I’m your helper and your provider (Psalm 54:4). Tell Me more about what you’re feeling, thinking, and struggling with. Let’s find your way forward...together.


Enjoy the conversation. Dine with ease and intentionality! If you feel called to use all three conversation styles, and/or to conversationally journal other verses that nourished you during this mealtime, let His words simmer in you and don’t feel rushed to move on until you are ready.

A Deeper Conversation

  • Read the Bible verses before and after the referenced verse to learn more about the context.
  • Explore different translations of the referenced verses.
  • Journal your questions about the verses.
  • Consider highlighting key words in verses and explore the original Greek or Hebrew meaning of those words.
  • Spend time with God at His table, conversing about the verses you’ve read. Allow Him to speak His wisdom into your heart and lead you to His answers and revelation.
  • What does this verse tell you about God?
  • What does God want you to know about yourself in this verse?
  • Journal all that you hear.

Extra Resource:

Look for Deeper Conversation Journaling Pages as a free download at

The website,, is a great resource to help with deeper conversations.

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“Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul”

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