Pecan Pie Mini Muffins

For over 20 years, this has been the most requested recipe. What I love about them is that they tick all the marks for me and my motto that it needs to be quick, easy and simply delicious.

  • 5 ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen (well…maybe not the pecans!)
  • Quick prep – dump, stir, heat and eat!
  • Simple and marvelously delicious… raving feedback every time you serve them!


Using quart sized zip lock bags, package up the dry ingredients to stock your pantry with several (or a bunch!) of mixes that you can grab on a busy day. Add eggs and butter for a quick home baked goodie for any pop up event.

GOT KIDS? Bring them into the kitchen to help make up a batch of these homemade mixes.

  • Set it up like an assembly line, assigning 1 person to each ingredient and pass the bags around the table, OR…
  • Set it up as a round table process. Line up all of the ingredients with their measuring utensils, place a stack of bags at the front of the ingredient line and let each person go down the line to make a full mix.


This mix makes a lovely homemade holiday gift and it’s so easy to put together. All you need is…

  • 1/2 Pint canning jars – however many you plan to gift…but I recommend making extra for those people who slipped your mind and then that go to gift any time of the year for pop up needs.
  • Printed copies of the recipe to use the mix
  • flour
  • brown sugar
  • pecans

What makes these such lovely homemade gifts is how the ingredients layer so beautifully. To get the right layering effect, it’s important to add the ingredients into the jar in the right order.

  • Brown sugar – packed very firmly into the bottom of the jar, patting it down to form a smooth top
  • Flour – pressing it down so the pecans have a firm layer to lie on
  • Pecans – top off the layers and seal the jar


The most time consuming part about making these muffins is portioning out each mini muffin into the pan. So for the days when you just ‘don’t have time for that!’… use the bar variation included in the recipe. It’s the ultimate version of dump, stir, heat and eat!

GOT KIDS? These are the perfect kid friendly baking recipe.

  • No need for a blender, they can hand mix them.
  • Quick prep time with a few ingredients
  • Using the bar version means even fewer steps and faster prep time.

As a mom of 4 who is now bringing 6 and counting grands into the kitchen, I know the key to making kitchen time fun for them and stress free for the adult is to limit the steps and get the finished result into mouths as fast as possible! This recipe is all that!

To make it easy for you, here are some printable recipe cards with all of the ‘make a mix’ tips and variation suggestions.


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