Ready to Melt?

me: Good morning Father.

God: Good morning. I’ve been waiting for you. I’m so glad you came to sit with Me. I have a question for you today. Are you ready to say yes to me?

me: Yes Lord. I’m always ready to say yes to You. Wait…yes to what?

God: Me. My will. My needs. My plans

me: Yes Lord…and as I say yes, I’m aware of a nervousness in my spirit. What is that Lord?

God: It’s a wavering trust.

me: No Lord… my trust is unwavering. Wait…there’s that nervous feeling again.

God: You say yes and with that yes you want to know exactly what you’re saying yes to. You want to see the plan, the steps, what’s required and what the result will be. I’m asking you to say yes to Me. Period.

me: [silent contemplation]

I’m asking you to say yes to Me. Not yes to…

  • a specific action
  • a safe path
  • a comfortable thing

I’m asking you to say yes with complete trust in Me, your creator, your God. Say yes to trusting me without questions like…

  • what will be required of me
  • how hard will it be for me
  • how long will this take
  • how safe will I be

me: Oh Lord, I want to. Help me

God: I’m asking for a yes to complete surrender. I want you to melt into Me.

That was our conversation today and then He showed me the vision of melting.

Consider an ice cube in a glass of water. The water can sustain itself in the glass. The ice cannot. It must be removed and put back into the freezer to sustain its form. If it stays in the water, it eventually melts into it, becoming part of the water.

As long as the ice keeps its form, it can move in and out of the water. Once it has melted, it cannot be removed. In fact, you can’t distinguish the water from what used to be the ice. The ice didn’t disappear – it became one with the water.

God is the water, we are the ice cube.

We can float in His will, but as long as we float in it, we can also remove ourselves from it.

  • We remove ourselves to escape transformation.
  • We remove ourselves to escape the pain of change.
  • We remove ourselves when we fear losing our personal identity.
  • We remove ourselves when we don’t understand what’s happening and fear the unknown.

We remove ourselves

when we don’t trust the water.

The longer we allow ourselves to float in the water, the more we melt.

So the question today is are we ready to say yes?
Yes to melting into what we don’t yet understand?

Do we trust the water?

Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

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