Remember…I Love You {God}

Do you ever feel unlovable?

Do you see yourself or hear your thoughts or words in a way that makes you wonder how even God could love you in that moment?

Am I the only one? Probably not!

  • To you…that one working so hard to be lovable.
  • To you…that one wondering if you’ll ever stop falling short.
  • To you…that one who craves to be loved just as you are.
  • To you…I offer this love song.

Let God Sing Over You Today…

Where you see [ ], speak your name.

Picture God sitting right where you are, holding your hand, looking with love into your eyes and speaking His very words from Psalm 139:1-5 to you.

[ ] I know you inside and out. I’ve known you at all times (and I love you).

[ ] I know your every move, even when you sit down and rise up (and I love you).

[ ] I know your every thought and even better I understand your every thought. I understand where it comes from and why you think it (and I love you)

[ ] I thoroughly examine your coming and going and even your resting. I am intimately aware of all your actions (and I love you).

[ ] before you even speak a word, I know it. I know the thought that will form the words you speak before you do (and I love you)

[ ] (listen carefully) – I surround you at all times. More than that, I hem you in. I have my hand upon you.

[ ], I have my hand upon you [ ], because I love you.

Now hit replay! Like the song on your Spotify list that you play over and over because it lifts your spirits or moves your soul. Replay this song of God’s love for you from Psalm 139: 1-5 and feel His every word, His every promise.

After each verse, prayerfully contemplate how you feel about what He has to say to you. What are your first thoughts when you consider deeply the truth about the things He knows and sees?

In our limited state, we often default to loving at the surface level and equate God’s love for us in the same way. This Psalm reminds us how intimately He knows us and still, how deeply He loves us.

Now using the same verses (Psalm 139: 1-5), sing back to Him a song of love and praise!

v6: Lord this is more than I can understand; more than I can comprehend. Only by faith can I embrace it. A faith that comes from Your love of me.

v1: Lord, because you know me inside and out and still love me – I am changed.

v2: Lord, because You know my every move and still love me, I am encouraged.

v3: Lord, because You know my every thought and still love me, I am humbled.

v4: Lord, because You know the words that will fly from my mouth even before I speak them and still love me, I am inspired to seek more of Your words and thoughts.

v5: Lord, because You surround me and have Your hand on me, I am safe and find my courage to step into all you call me to.

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One thought on “Remember…I Love You {God}

  1. My craving was being loved just as I was. I often would withdraw when I felt like I was not being accepted by others as myself. I would throw myself a pity party because I did not know how to be anything but myself and myself was not good enough. When those feelings try and come up, I know now to quickly run to Jesus and the Word so I can be loved on, and encouraged, and see things from His view.

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