Is It an Excuse or a Choice?

The goal was not met.
The project had come to a complete stop.

I started looking for the excuse to lean on. What can I point to as my reason for not accomplishing the thing I told the world I would accomplish…the thing I told MYSELF I would accomplish?

It was in that moment I realized, there was no excuse, only choices – my choices.

Choices, not…
• distractions.
• stolen time.
• hijacked priorities.

As I looked back at what had slowed and then stopped progress, I saw a series of choices.

  • Choices of how I gifted my time (to myself and to others).
  • Choices of shifted priorities.

I can remember a time when I would have called those choices excuses….work, family needs, life – taking up all of my time.

TAKING… notice the word choice. Taking is a victim mindset word. When I point to all the choices I made and call them excuses, I’m the victim of something being TAKEN from me. When I shift into victor mindset, take becomes chose. I CHOSE to GIFT my time and resources to something other than what would keep me making progress with my goal.

It’s a choice I made at that time. No one took my success from me.


It was in that moment I realized I found….

I was no longer a victim of circumstances.
I was no longer a victim of excuses.

I was the owner of my choices.
VICTOR – not victim!

So now what? Is the project dead? Is the dream abandoned?
Today, I’m not sure. I’m choosing to gift myself time to meditate, pray and explore what will set my heart on fire.

I know this though. Just because I made choices that have slowed the progress of my ‘project’…I have NOT lost my purpose. My purpose, the reason I was created, is still the same.
I am here to SHINE with a heart for God. And I can shine with or without a big project. I can shine one choice at a time.

How about you? Shining with your choices or shackled with excuses?



A sign that you are in a victim mindset is that you find yourself pointing to things, circumstances, or other people as the ‘reason’ you haven not succeeded in the things you set out to do.


Turn the finger around and ask yourself what choices you could have made differently or if you are good with the choices you made.

  • Would you have chosen to use your time and/or resources differently or not?
    • If no – be happy with your choice and the consequence of your choice (delayed accomplishment of a goal) and keep moving forward!
    • If yes, you would have chosen differently looking back – take the lesson and apply it moving forward. Victor not victim!

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