Stoke the Fire: Focused Participation

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Is your heart fire feeling a little dim? Are the coals a little too spread out and the heat of the fire is waining?

Let’s stoke that heart fire today with some self coaching questions.

Find a quiet spot where you can sit with pen and paper to write out your thoughts and answers to these questions.

Heart fire…

  • What do I want to exist in my world? (now and in the future)
  • How do I need to participate, on purpose, so that those things exist in my world or will exist in the future?
  • What are some specific things I can do right now to increase my level of participation in these things?

Hair fire…

  • What exists in my world that I don’t want to exist or doesn’t need to exist?
    • What is draining my mental energy?
    • What is draining me emotionally?
    • What is pulling me away from what is most important?
    • What is not serving me well?
  • How can I stop participating in those things above?
    • Is there a conversation I need to have with a person?
    • Is there a boundary I need to set that is done with love and serves me better?
    • What is within my power to limit my exposure to these things that don’t serve me well?
  • Who or what am I giving my yeses to out of guilt or obligation?
    • How can I give it back to the person it belongs to?
    • How can I pause that commitment for now and come back to it later when it serves me better?

Now stoke that fire and put your answers into action.

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Living with your heart on fire and keeping the fire out of your hair is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not, but sometimes we need help stoking the right fire. One of the things that sets my heart on fire is helping others sort and sift through their thoughts, find focus, and develop habits that will serve them well. {stoke a heart fire – not a hair fire!} Wanna chat? 

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