Tortilla Soup

Soup should be fast, easy and simply delicious! This Tortilla soup is exactly that – so much better than soup from a can – not as time consuming as made from scratch (but just as good!).

  • Keep it simple as a broth soup topped with your choice of sour cream, diced fresh tomatoes and/or diced avocado
  • Make it a heartier soup by adding a blend of frozen vegetables and serving over rice.

This is one of my recipes that I love to make up as a dry mix to keep in the pantry for a simple meal on those overly hectic days because the only other must have ingredients needed are water and a can of diced tomatoes (a pantry staple in most kitchens). Even the heartier version ingredients are typically on hand as well.

GOT KIDS? Keeping a few single use mixes in the pantry is especially useful as a quick meal the family can make without you.  They don’t have to fuss with a lot of measuring or finding a long list of ingredients. Just call home and tell them to dump, stir, heat and eat! 


While this recipe started as a soup, I soon found it functioned well as a seasoning blend for a variety of other recipes. That’s when I started making bulk batch blends of the dry ingredients in addition to keeping a few single use mixes on hand.

Single Mix:
  • Layer the ingredients into a small zip top baggie.
  • Make several at a time to keep on hand.
  • Consider keeping several of the bags in a small container along with the printed recipe so there’s no hunting down the recipe at meal time.
Bulk Blend: (makes approximately 10 single mixes)
  • Place the ingredients in a bowl so you can blend thoroughly.
  • Pour the well blended mix into an air tight container.
  • Consider attaching the printed recipe to the jar so there’s no hunting down the recipe at meal time.

GOT KIDS? Let them help make up the mixes for personal use or gifting purposes.

  • Set it up like an assembly line, assigning 1 person to each ingredient and pass the bags around the table, OR…
  • Set it up as a round table process. Line up all of the ingredients with their measuring utensils, place a stack of bags at the front of the ingredient line and let each person go down the line to make a full mix.


This makes a fantastic homemade gift.

  • Housewarming gift
  • Hostess gift
  • Birthday / Holiday

I love to put this mix in a cello bag and place it in a gift container or bag with the canned tomatoes, printed recipe and some chips and salsa. When I include the gift version of this homemade’s even more perfect!

When gifting to a larger family, gift the bulk blend in a canning jar with the printed recipe.


As I mentioned above, this blend is so much more than a soup mix. Here are a few quick tips for using this blend to season up other dishes:

  • Place boneless, skinless chicken into a slow cooker, sprinkle with Tortilla Blend add a cup of water and let slow cook on low for about 4 hours. Shred the chicken for tacos.
  • Season rice while it cooks for a tasty side dish
  • Toss it into green beans while they cook

Look for other recipes using this blend to be added to this blog over time!


Chicken broth granules or powder range in flavor, sodium levels, MSG content, and amount of natural ingredients.  Choose the soup base that meets the taste and needs of your family.  If you’re not sure, start by making the single use version a few times, trying different soup bases you find at your local market.  When you find the one you like best, it’s time to make the bulk version!

Here are a few that I’ve enjoyed:

To make it easy for you, here are some printable recipe cards with all of the ‘make a mix’ tips.


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