When Chasing is Pointless

Do you ever feel like your hair is on fire chasing after the things that set your heart on fire?

  • What are you rushing off to today?
  • What are you running towards accomplishing today?

I’ve been on a work/vacation trip in Cabo for the last 6 days. Because I’m an early riser, I decided that each morning I would make this the ‘perfect’ trip by making sure I was in the ‘perfect’ spot to catch the sunrise.

Hopping out of bed before the sun was up, I’d gather the things I wanted with me (journal, book, phone for pics, etc…), dress for the morning, and head to the coffee shop for my perfectly made cappuccino.

With coffee in hand, I’d head to the couch I’d found at the edge of the beach and deemed the ‘perfect’ sunrise spot! Every. Single. Morning.

Then today, I was a little slow getting out of bed and by the time I got to the coffee shop, the line was long with fellow sunrise watchers. I knew that sunrise was exactly at 6:43 so when I realized it was 6:40 by the time I finally got my ‘perfect’ cappuccino, I knew I’d missed my ‘perfect’ moment and decided to just go back to my room.

I have a beautiful balcony view of the ocean and I decided I would ‘settle’ for watching the colors of the sunrise reflect on the horizon of water and sky. As I sat there sipping my ‘perfect’ cappuccino, and maybe grumbling a little bit for breaking my streak of ‘perfect’ sunrise viewing (ocd much!?) – I began to see the bright globe of light peaking up over the horizon.

All this time I thought the position of my balcony put the view of the sun coming up behind the buildings around me. But no! The MOST PERFECT view of the sunrise was from my balcony every.single.morning!!!

And then I remembered the prayer I whispered to God the day I arrived at this hotel.. “God, you know that this introverted soul is longing for some alone time surrounded by your beauty. Can you give me a room with a balcony and the perfect view?”

The day I entered the room, I felt the prayer answered and often enjoyed the balcony during the day and evenings. But I was so focused on making sure I positioned myself for those ‘perfect’ sunrise moments, I missed what God had put right in front of me!

How often do we get so focused on chasing after what we think is the ‘perfect’ way to feed our heart fire and shine for God that we end up with our hair on fire in the process of ‘making it happen’?

All week I was rushed getting up, ready and out the door to see the ‘perfect’ sunrises when I could have seen the most perfect view right from my balcony. Today was a good reminder for me that striving is not necessary for us to shine for God. Each day I ask God, show me how I can shine for You today…but how many times do I miss the ways I was intended to simply shine for Him right where I was planted because I was chasing after bigger, better or grander ways to shine. So today, let’s ask our Creator..

‘Show me how to shine for you today Lord. Take my focus off of the grander plans I have to shine for You and give me eyes to see Your plans right where I am.”


If you’re up for a little more reading, here’s the rest of the story.

My first day here, I asked God to let me see whales. It’s the beginning of whale season here so I just put it out there “God, guide some whales to this section of the ocean… I really want to see them!”

The 2nd day here a group of people from our company saw whales from the beach…the same beach I had just left to go to my room. The next day I planted myself on that beach and did not move. Seriously…from sunup to sundown…. but no whales. Each day that passed and I didn’t see a whale I grew more and more defeated, saying things to myself like “There’s a reason God doesn’t want you to see whales.” I even let myself slip deeper into victim thinking at one point… you know…”poor me / why does everyone else get what I want?”

By this morning, I had grown content with the fact that it just might not happen this trip. And then, as I sat there celebrating the beauty of God’s perfect sunrise, I saw it…the spouting water of a breaching whale. I watched the small pod of whales spout and breach as they moved across the horizon, eventually out of view. As I thanked God for that ‘icing on the cake’ this morning, I was reminded that He has everything perfectly timed for His glory and our enjoyment.

Where in your life is it time to stop striving for ‘greater things’ and let God show you how to shine right where you are planted?

“Stop striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted on the earth.” ~Psalm 46:10

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3 thoughts on “When Chasing is Pointless

    1. By the way… My view waking up this morning was your youngest grandbaby talking in his sleep, followed by a poopy diaper and cold coffee as I sat down back in bed to snuggle a little more after school prep. Might not sound as relaxing as yours but now, after finishing reading, the light hit the perfect spot in our curtain peaking open to shine a beam onto the wall behind us and I caught Bennett talking to/smiling at the design it had made on the wall then turning to see the little dust specks dancing in the thin beam. Feel like his sweet reaction to our maybe not as epic sunrise brought as much joy and wonder to him as yours did you…and for me as a mommy seeing that in his eyes! (Replica of how God probably felt seeing you sit in awe of your moment) 😉

      Love that some how our mornings, while so different, some how placed us in the perfect place for His light to shine in our lives and sit in awe of all He has and is doing in our lives❤️…and now the baby is crying 😅😘

      1. Love this! There is God’s beauty and glory right in front of us at all times when we choose to let Him show it to us! Being present and focused on where we have been place vs seeking what we think is better. ❤❤❤

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