Your Participation Is Required

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What does it mean to participate in something?

  • We can go to a party but it doesn’t mean we participated in it.
  • We can go to work but it doesn’t mean we participate in the growth of it.
  • We can have a plan for our future, but what does it take to participate in it?

To participate in a party, we have to engage with the people there. We engage in conversations and choose to engage in the activities offered. Otherwise, we just show up to the party and we leave having given time to it but receiving nothing back; no joy, no new friends….no fun.

To participate in the growth of a company we work for we have to engage with the team, understand what is needed and determine what we can contribute to the growth plan. Otherwise, we just show up and sit at a desk punching a clock and leave everyday having given time to it but receiving nothing back; no sense of satisfaction or significance. It also limits our future.

When you think about what’s most important to you, where do you see it on your calendar? What is getting the most of your time? What are you participating in the most?

“Am I participating in what I want to exist in my life, or am I participating more in things that don’t serve me well?

What sets your heart on fire? What do you want more of in your life, both today and in the future?

Let’s Get Focused!

When we lack focus, we are easily persuaded by distractions or the demands of others and we quickly veer off course. Our ability to participate fully in what matters most is watered down because we’re pulled in so many directions that aren’t serving us well.

Basically, instead of living with our heart on fire, we’re living with our hair on fire.

“It cannot exit in my world without my participation! If I want it to exist…it’s time to start participating.”

Are you ready to stoke that heart fire?

Download the following worksheet and schedule some time to complete this exercise that will help you find the focus you need so you can participate FULLY in what sets your heart on fire.

NEXT: With your priorities defined, the next step is to make room on your calendar to participate in the things you want most in your life. Ready to take that next step? Click and go!

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Living with your heart on fire and keeping the fire out of your hair is not a special skill or ability that some have and some do not, but sometimes we need help stoking the right fire. One of the things that sets my heart on fire is helping others sort and sift through their thoughts, find focus, and develop habits that will serve them well. {stoke a heart fire – not a hair fire!} Wanna chat? 

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