Comparison… Stealing His Glory

There is a popular quote that goes like this….

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

This week, the Spirit whispered this to me…

Comparison steals from God what is due to God. You were created by Him, for His glory – and when you compare yourself to others and focus on what you lack in comparison, you are stealing the glory owed to God for His perfect work in you.

There was no condemnation in the whispered thought, just awareness.

Awareness of how God thinks of me.
Awareness of how my thoughts matter.

In this awareness, my conversation with God continued this week like this:

Me: God, thank You for making me aware of how my comparing thoughts steal from You thoughts of praise and glory for how you’ve created me perfectly and wonderfully.

God: Know that I don’t compare my creations to each other. I create them to fit together and work together for My glory.

Me: God, there is such peace in knowing You don’t compare us to others. I confess that this is a thought habit I’m gonna need help quitting. Help me remember this gift of peace I have in Your Spirit when the enemy wants to poke me with comparing thoughts.

God: Lean in a little and hear My plans for you.

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