Healing Habits Assessment Tool

What is a Soul Food Assessment?

In her book, Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul, Tami paints a picture of how we can be deceived into eating all kinds of ‘junk foods’ that dull our appetites for more of what God wants to feed us. To do this, Tami creates a list of food groups, healthy and unhealthy (aka: junk foods), to be aware of.

This free download is pulled straight from the book so you can assess your current soul feeding habits.

Remember, this assessment is for your eyes only. It’s about awareness, not judgment. It’s in awareness that God can begin to work.

After each assessment (healthy habits / junk food habits), use your awareness to ask God what He desires you to do or learn.

  • Healthy Eating – When we know where we want or need more of something, we can seek it from Him.
  • Junk Food – When we know where we need to be freed from something, we can seek healing from Him.

TO CONSIDER: Set a reminder to take the assessment once a quarter and celebrate the growth and healing God gives as you spend more time in conversations with Him to feed your soul.

Grab the pdf and sit with God to see how He wants to feed you more of His love, joy, peace and healing.

Learn more about feeding our hungry soul with the healthy foods from God and eliminating the junk foods that dull our appetite for more of God in Tami VanHoy’s book…

Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul. 

Look for it on this website (store coming soon if it’s not here already!) or you can also find it on Amazon.

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