Perfect Peace

Where do you find your peace?
Is it perfect – a perfect peace?
What makes it a perfect peace?

Perfect means…

  • absolute; complete
  • having all the required or desirable elements
  • flawless
  • faultless

Peace that is fleeting is not perfect
Peace that can be disturbed is not perfect
Peace that requires a specific environment is not perfect

I have a lovely patio with a rock garden, a couch and a view of a blossoming field. Its’ a very peaceful setting.

It’s a place I go to write, think, pray, and just escape. I feel peaceful there.

To elevate the peaceful environment, I don my sound cancelling headset and play meditative music or sounds of nature. Closing my eyes, it’s a peaceful escape from the world.

But here’s the reality –

  • the peace I find there is gone the moment my headset is interrupted by an incoming phone call
  • the peace I find there quickly disappears when I step inside – back to the realities of work & life

The imperfect peace of the location can’t be taken with me, but the perfect peace of God that I find there while spending time at His table can.

It’s only when I go there to seek the thoughts of my God, the mind of Christ, the whispers of His Holy Spirit – that I find PERFECT peace that cannot be shaken.

  • When that headset is interrupted by a disturbing or upsetting phone call, the peace of God flows through my words.
  • When I leave the patio and re-enter the chaotic life of wife / mom / daughter / sister / employee / friend… the peace of God fills my thoughts and perspective.

It’s a perfect peace.

When we spend time at the table with God, His word becomes personal. It’s a conversation between us and Him, like this…

[INSERT YOUR NAME]… I keep you in MY perfect peace when your thoughts and intentions are focused on Me. Seek Me in all things, at all times. Sit and talk with Me throughout the day, especially when life is pressing in, and [YOUR NAME], I promise you will never lose the presence of My perfect peace.

We can also use His words to personally claim this promise, like this…

I am kept in perfect peace – God’s peace – by staying focused on His thoughts and His words. When life is pressing in on me, His perfect peace is already in me. When I am disturbed by the influences of the world and struggle to feel that perfect peace, it is one word away – Jesus. I am kept in His perfect peace.

What kind of conversations are you having with your creator today?

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