Deeper Conversations Journaling Pages

Why deeper conversations?

Because the deeper the conversation, the deeper the fellowship with God, the healing received from God, the deeper understanding we have of who God is and who we are in Him.

Excerpt from Tami’s book: Conversations at a Table for Two: Feeding a Hungry Soul:

When I think about my healing journey with God so far, I’m reminded of how we respond as children to our parents when a wound needs tending. Whether it’s a deep cut, a scraped knee, or a deeply embedded splinter, the child comes to the parent seeking help. Their goal – to make it stop hurting. The parent’s goal – to fix the wound so it doesn’t get infected and become a bigger issue. The child just wants a healing kiss and maybe a dab of numbing cream. They scream, “don’t touch it, don’t touch it” in anticipation of the increased pain if the parent gets too close to the wound. The parent knows the only way to truly tend to the wound and heal it is to touch it – to get closer than the child wants them to. The child is driven by fear, the parent by love.

So often we come to God with a wound or a need and all we want God to do is to make it stop hurting. We seek a quick verse to numb the pain or the kiss of a quick prayer. God wants us to let Him get closer, reach in and touch the depths of that wound. God wants to press in with love, we want to pull away with fear.

The Deeper Conversation exercise is all about letting God get to the source of our pain, fears, addictions, etc., so we can receive life changing healing. It’s done with two parts.

1. Deeper questions that may require deeper thought

2. A deeper look at God’s healing Word

These journaling pages will help you get closer, go deeper and receive more of the abundant life, healing, love and joy God has for us.

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