Guided Self Coaching: Daily-Weekly-Monthly

When we have our priorities in focus and our schedule decluttered, it’s all about maintaining the focus and clarity with daily, weekly and monthly check points.


  • At the first sign of a hair fire symptom, grab the fire extinguisher and dive into some of these guided self coaching questions.
    • Start with the daily questions and move into more big picture questions when necessary
  • Daily questions – use these to stay mentally on track throughout the day.
  • Weekly questions – use these at the start of your week to confirm you are prioritizing your days in line with your heart fire.
  • Monthly questions – use these at the start or each month to establish or reset big picture objectives.
    • These questions can also be helpful if you suddenly find yourself in a blazing hair fire situation. They can help guide you back to your top priorities in the current season and find your way back to what you want to say yes to and how to say no to what’s not serving you right now.